#x27; Mussolini, who at thispoint of the film hasn #x27;t gotten over his tagliare foto hate for Germans, plainlyanswers #x27;Ich liebe dich.
Reviewed by Metal Angel Ehrler 9/10.I have to hand it to Italians that theycertainly have a talent for electing verminous cretins to high officethat has lasted to this very day.This is one of those performances that will live inmemory long after this film is seen and hopefully will garner awardswhen the Oscar season comes round.The first act, where they are actually together, isextraordinary.Italy is only beginning toexperience the first waves of Socialism, and among those first to rebelagainst the government is this young man who has a certain power withwords; in a scene where he runs away from the police for being involvedin a riot, he shields.Br br As another reviewer has pointed out, the actor in the movie who playsMussolini, Filippo Timi, is far more interesting and nuanced than theactual historical figure, and it #x27;s simply ridiculous when we seenewsreel footage and have to see Mussolini the real man, followed.
No one in their right minds could possibly bedisappointed.
Well, he #x27;s a really good actor too, for he can focus his strength on this steamy kiss at the same time thathis full concentration and awareness are scrutinizing the area to seeif the police are gone.
Read More, reviewed by gradyharp 9/10, marco Bellocchio directed and wrote (with Daniela Ceselli) this verydark version of the private life of Benito Mussolini, a portion of hislife that centered on his mistress and the mother of his son, one IdaDalser.
I love the way so much imagination is pouredinto the re-telling of a story via new material.
In realtà la Dalser lo aveva già fuggevolmente incontrato a Trento e ne era rimasta folgorata.
The acting is pitch-perfect, especiallyMezzogiorno who redeems herself for her atrocious main performance inMike Newell #x27;s #x22;Love in the Time of Cholera #x22; and manages to give us aheart-breaking, poignant, sublime and very powerful performance (Iwonder why volantino offerte obi she didn #x27;t get an Oscar nod?Bellocchio uses black and white film clips throughouthis film giving it a somewhat documentary flair, but the performancesby the actors make this film very much a visceral drama and not a dryrehash of history.Notice the incredibly sarcastic scene where Idafinally asks Benito to tell her #x27;I love you.Br br The film in retrospect is simply a misadventure in my opinion.We all know ourhistory, so we know about Benito Mussolini, Il Duce, and his reign ofFascism over Italy.br br Grady Harp.From here on, it #x27;th in Italy and on our tragic heroine #x27;s life.